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Hedge Fund intelligence

Hedge Fund intelligence

Hedge Fund intelligence is a very useful tool for us, supporting our quantitative work with its extensive performance (and more) database, and complementing the qualitative aspects with its helpful news service across all regions. We don’t use many external providers in these areas, preferring to focus on the best.

Research and assess the competition and identify up-and-coming funds utilizing a similar strategy. View long-term performance and assets under management of competitors, as well as key personnel. Super-fast, smart search and discovery of funds, firms, people, mandates and data. Custom indices for benchmarking against competitors and targeting investors by specific asset classes, strategies and regions. Find detailed profiles for institutional investors actively investing in hedge funds, including insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, foundations, wealth managers, endowment plans, banks and more.

Be alerted to live mandates linked to investor profiles, followed from inception to completion. See leading service providers in any given strategy or region based upon number of clients and assets of those clients. Create a customised dashboard view of data, analysis and news to fit your workflow, putting you at the centre of the Hedge Fund universe. Keep your fund profile up-to-date and ensure accuracy and maximum exposure of your performance, with full transparency.

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